I'd like to present my brand new limited edition print 'Anahata', the second in a series of seven prints inspired by the Chakra points according to Hindu spiritual traditions.

In the modern Western world, the symbol for the heart is often red, and its representation is heavily weighted towards romantic love. This becomes most prevalent in our culture on Valentine’s Day, which celebrates singular love towards one person.

The heart chakra symbol represents a much more nuanced expression of what love is, as a sense of connection - not only to a partner, but to family, friends, our wider community and beyond.
In creating this piece, it seemed fitting, given the heart chakra's green colour, to draw inspiration from nature, an aspect of our existence that connects us all.

To paraphrase the great Alan Watts: "just as the apple tree 'apples', likewise, the earth 'peoples'". We are nature. This is something easily forgotten in our modern, largely 'unnatural' society.

Our direct connection with the natural world was much more prominent in ancient tribal society. To reference this in my new print, I drew inspiration from the indigenous roots of the British Isles by referencing the Celtic knot.
The intertwining of elements in the Celtic knot represent the underlying connectedness of all things. It also symbolized the importance of connection within a community.

As I mentioned in the initial 'Muladhara' print release, about two years ago I had a severe battle with depression. In 'Lost Connections', Johann Hari's recent book on the causes of depression, Hari argues that the state isn't produced by chemical imbalances in the brain but is in fact largely a result of the way we live today. Two of those connections Hari says we have lost are our sense of community and contact with nature.
Connecting more deeply with others and going into nature were part of my own healing journey. But by far the most transformative healing method I tried was the therapeutic use of psychedelics. And partly because they put me in touch with both the former healing elements in a profound way.

Psychedelics are now known to reduce cerebral blood flow in the parts of the brain most concerned with personal identity. This helps the mind temporarily step back from the sense of a disconnected self, allowing you to see how truly connected we all are. With this detached perspective, negative thought patterns can be interrupted and new, more positive ways of thinking experienced.

Research by non-profit organisations such as the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) have proven that psychedelics can have unprecedented cure rates for depression, as well as for other mental health issues such as PTSD and addiction, all with a limited number of doses in controlled therapeutic settings.

I will be donating a percentage of the profits from all prints in this series to MAPS. More info can be found via
'Nadi', the title of this print series, is the term given to the channels that flow between the Chakra points. The Chakras, whether real or not, help us to focus on, connect with, and learn to express different aspects of who we are.

Anahata, the heart chakra, signifies balance, connection and serenity. Anahata means "unstruck" or "stainless" and signifies the state of freshness that appears when we are able to lift our awareness out of the messiness of our lives and look at our experience with clarity and compassion.
This signed limited edition is printed on 310gsm museum archival quality paper.
All my prints come embossed with my own unique artist's stamp.

Packaged with 100% recyclable materials ♻️
Free shipping! ⛵️
limited edition of 100
56cm x 57cm
Once again, I'd like to thank you for your continued support. 🙏

Yours artfully,



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