I took a long break from social media recently. During that time I felt noticeably better, less mentally fatigued, less distracted and much more focused. 

It really made me question my use of social media platforms, which often manipulate our thinking to keep us engaged. Or more accurately, addicted.

They may be free, but we pay excessively with our incredibly precious time and attention, as well as our mental health.

As someone who meditates regularly and has suffered with mental health problems, I don't take these issues lightly.

This has motivated me to want to do things a little differently.
I'll now be dedicated to sharing all my new work and artistic process on my brand new Patreon page.

It's a specially curated private space where you won't be pummelled by advertising, manipulated by algorithms or be forced to scroll through reel after reel of attention grabbing nonsense.

In this age of visual bombardment and information overload the Patreon mobile app is refreshingly simple and uncluttered which is a complete delight.

There are plenty of benefits if you become a patron, including a selection of prints of your choice available at every tier. 
My Patreon will now serve as a more intimate window into my studio life and weekly thought process. Giving you the ability to see new work before anyone else, as and when it's created.

It will also be a great way for you to directly support my artistic practice allowing me to continue creating new artwork, and in turn for me to reward you for engaging with my work on a deeper level.

I've already posted lots of content on there, including a few new pieces. One of which is the very first 'Primal Futures' piece!
If you've ever wanted to make monthly downpayments on a print becoming a patron is a perfect opportunity to do so, with lots of exclusive extras thrown in.

So head on over and take a look. Tiers start at £3 a month, click the link below...

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