Imaginal Cells II (SOLD)

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Oil on canvas

100cm x 77cm

Signed and dated on reverse

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To view a timelapse video of me painting 'Imaginal Cells II' click here.

The title of this series came from the name of the cells that cause a caterpillar to change into a butterfly within it's chrysalis. Imaginal cells, which contain the blue print for the future butterfly, are initially viewed as a threat to the caterpillar and are attacked by it's immune system. But they persist and multiply, within the organic ooze of the now dissolved caterpillar until more complex networks of the cells eventually join together and form into the new butterfly. As with my 'Metanoia' series they describe in semi-abstract form a transitional state between new and old modes of being, suspended in a void between abstract and figurative art, at a moment of uncertainty and turmoil.