Regular price £375

Special Edition of 20 

Signed and numbered

Embossed with unique artists stamp

100cm x 69cm (not inc. 4cm border)

Archival Smooth Rag 300gsm paper

***Select Option for 'Blood Moon' Gold Leaf edition***

When the Sun, Moon and Earth come into alignment for a total lunar eclipse it is known as 'Syzygy', which is also the title of this print inspired by this rare astronomical event.

Due to the refraction of sunlight through the Earths atmosphere the Moon also appears red, hence it is commonly referred to as a 'Blood Moon'. This print is available in both 'Full Moon' and 'Blood Moon' versions. 'Syzygy (Blood Moon)' has the addition of rose gold leaf which the artist will personally gild onto the print himself.
Influenced in part by Japanese print maker Yoshitoshi’s 'One Hundred Aspects of the Moon' series (1885–1892) 'Syzygy' portrays a momentary alignment with the Moon of intermingling abstract forms that could describe two Shinto deities in celestial conflict or the energetic leap of a water spirit brought to life by the Moon's oceanic pull. But as always the semi-abstract nature of my work leaves you to decide what it is you might see.