Burner (Ancestor of the Playa)

Regular price £375

Special Edition of 20

Signed and numbered

Embossed with unique artists stamp

90cm x 80cm

Archival Smooth Rag 310gsm paper

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'Burner (Ancestor of the Playa)' is inspired by the inhabitants of Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis that manifests annually in the Nevada desert dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. This mind bending portal into the creative unknown is more commonly known as 'Burning Man'.

This Special Edition print is also available with a hand gilded gold leaf head-dress, which is designed to mimic the exact circular layout that Black Rock City takes every year, or MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) map, the roads and avenues all embossed by hand. 

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Please note this print does not come framed. Images of the framed print are examples for reference only.

* Due to the time intensive process of the additional gold gilding by hand the extra cost for the Gold Leaf edition is not included with the separate 50% standard print donation.